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General Information

General Information

Please carefully read this General Information, which contains useful details that you need to know before you book your cruise holiday. Should there be some additional information that you require or you have questions about any aspect of your cruise, please do not hesitate to contact us. More detailed information will be forwarded in our pre-sailing booklet around two months before you sail.



We operate a cashless system on board. Your cruise card, issued to you and automatically activated at check in, is required for all purchases in the bars, shops, spa, etc. It will also be used as your security pass when embarking and disembarking the vessel. You will be required to present your valid debit/credit card at Check- In which will be electronically swiped and your signature taken. This will normally be processed on board the vessel within the first 24 hours.

Statements will be forwarded to you prior to disembarkation or midway through a cruise if the duration is 12 nights or more. If you wish to check the balance of your account at any time please ask our reception desk who will be happy to help you. Your account will be automatically debited at the end of the cruise. The currency used on board is Pounds Sterling (GBP), for Astor’s winter season the currency used is Australian Dollars (AUD).


Adults Only

All our ships with the exception of the Astor are child-free, teenagers of 16 years and above are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Some of our ships throughout the season will operate child friendly cruises, where children are allowed however, it should be noted that there are no dedicated recreational facilities for children or teenagers.


Air Conditioning

All cabins are air conditioned, as are all our public areas. If you need to adjust your cabin temperature at any time you will find the controls in your cabin, however, if you cannot locate these or require any assistance please ask your cabin steward.


All Inclusive Drinks Packages

We are pleased to offer an All Inclusive (AI) drinks package for cruises of more than 3 nights to budget your drink costs and avoid any surprise bar bills at the end of your cruise. The package is only available for the full duration of your cruise and it must be purchased by all occupants of the cabin.


Deck Towels

In all cabins there are beach towels for your use around the pools and open decks. If you should take them ashore, please ensure you bring these back to the ship or you may be charged for a replacement.



Astoria, Columbus & Magellan have a small casino onboard for your enjoyment. Full details of opening times will be detailed in the Daily Programme. Please note that all casinos operate a cash only system and cannot be charged to your onboard accounts due to gambling regulations.


Cruise Card

Once on board your personalised cruise card will serve as your security pass. Please carry this at all times as this is also your onboard charge card and your ship’s pass which you will need to show when embarking and disembarking throughout your cruise.


Daily Programme

Each evening the Daily Programme for the following day will be placed in your cabin; this will detail all the events including arrival & departure sailing times, Shore Excursion meeting times, dress code, dining times, activities plus everything you need to know for an enjoyable day whether ashore or at sea.


Dietary Requirements

We can happily cater for dietary requests such as: diabetic, gluten/wheat free, dairy free, soya, vegetarian etc. All we ask is that you kindly advise us at the time of booking or at least 4 weeks prior to travelling. If you require other dietary menus such as Kosher or Halal, we ask for at least 6 weeks notice in order for us to prepare for your cruise. Please either advise your booking agent or our Customer Services Department on +44 (0) 1708 893 103.

The Maître D’ and Executive Chef will host a dietary meeting at the beginning of each cruise, where you will be able to discuss your requirements/food allergies/intolerances in detail. Advance notice for any dietary requests is always preferred.



You will be asked to vacate your cabin prior to the scheduled arrival time and this may be early in the morning. Upon the vessel’s return at the end of your cruise, there is normally an interval of approximately 90 minutes, whilst the ship is being cleared by the local authorities and the luggage is being landed, before passengers may disembark. Disembarkation then takes place in stages and full information will be given on board towards the end of your voyage. Please ensure when making onward travel connections that sufficient time is allowed following the ship’s scheduled arrival time. Your suitcases should be left outside your cabin door before retiring on the last night of the cruise and these will then be collected and stored until arrival at your disembarkation port. Please ensure all items have been secured and locked and that all valuable items, medication and suit carriers are kept with you in your hand luggage.



Please ensure that you keep with you at all times, prior to embarkation, all the cruise documents given to you by your Travel Agent or Tour Operator including cruise tickets/vouchers, your original booking confirmation invoice, shore excursions programme, insurance policy, passport, copies of any relevant VISA and the conditions of carriage, which are found in your ticket pack. It is very important that these documents are kept with you at check-in and not packed in your luggage.


Drinking Water

The water from the taps in your cabin is chlorinated and potable. If you prefer, bottled water is available in your cabin or from any of the ships bars at a charge.


Duty Free - Gift Shops

Discover the fine selection of items in our duty free shops which offer a selection of merchandise including fragrances, cosmetics, fashion wear, alcohol, cigarettes and of course, souvenir items. The shops are open daily while the ship is at sea. Customs regulations do not allow us to open whilst in port. It should be noted that alcohol and cigarettes purchased will be ready for collection on the last day of the cruise. Please note that any alcohol and cigarettes bought ashore will be kept in a safe lock-up and returned to you on the night prior to disembarkation.

Passengers returning from EU countries should refer to their customs allowance, on the amount of goods they can bring back into the UK (exceptions apply for certain Eastern European Countries). However, these must be personally carried and be for your own use – which includes gifts. If you bring back large quantities of alcohol or tobacco, a Customers Officer may ask you about the purposes for which you hold the goods.

US Passengers please visit for more information regarding US customs allowance. 

IMPORTANT: When purchasing from the onboard Shop your legal limit is the same as the non EU countries above. Please check in the shop for the most current duty free allowance.

Also note is it unlawful to carry in excess of 10,000 Euros in cash between certain European Union countries.


Electrical information

All cabins feature 110V and 220V current and have electrical sockets to allow small appliances such as electric shavers, heated rollers and curling tongs to be used. Each bathroom or cabin is equipped with an integral hair dryer.

A UK three pin to European two pin adaptor will be required for 220v appliance, we advise you bring one with you however should you forget the shop does hold a limited supply which can be purchased on board. You must consult Reception before attempting to use any other electrical device in the cabin and for safety reasons the use of personal travel irons and kettles is prohibited.


Embarkation Procedures

Embarkation and Check-In procedures take place over a period of several hours before the scheduled sailing time. For everyone’s convenience and comfort and in order to avoid possible congestion and unnecessary queues in the Cruise Terminal, you will be given an allocated time to check-in based upon either your cabin location, if you are travelling with a specific group with its own transport or whether you have utilised the Special Cruise Coach service from London Victoria. If your Tour Operator is providing you with their own coach transport between your home town (or agreed pick-up point) and the port, we will have advised them of the proposed embarkation time for their group of passengers. Kindly therefore disregard the embarkation time shown on your ticket and adhere to the pick-up/ embarkation timings that your Tour Operator has advised you.

You are respectfully requested not to arrive at the Cruise Terminal in advance of your allocated Embarkation Time which is shown in the final documentation that is sent with your tickets approximately three weeks before your cruise.

Please check the embarkation time and allow sufficient time for your journey to the port taking into consideration possible traffic congestion on the way. Passengers who are not at the check-in 1 hour prior to departure are considered as ‘noshows’. Unfortunately, the ship cannot delay their sailing time to await late arriving passengers.

Your passport and cruise ticket should be presented to the embarkation staff and you will be issued with your own personalised Cruise Card and a Public Health Declaration form to complete. At Check-In, you will have a security photograph taken and you will be required to swipe your credit/debit card in order to activate your Onboard Account.

For those passengers who have registered their mobility requirements with us and those with specific medical requirements you may be invited to speak with the Nurse/Doctor prior to boarding.

You will be able to go on board the vessel and start using your Cruise card immediately. At the gangway you will pass through the ship’s security point, where your Cruise card will be checked and, once you have boarded, a steward will be available to show you to your cabin where you will find your cabin keys.


Entertainment on Board

You are cordially invited to sit back and enjoy our varied entertainment programmes. Evening highlights include production shows from our talented team of professional entertainers and live acts. Music and dance feature prominently as well as quizzes, various games, activities and our very detailed lecture programme. Full details will be confirmed in the Daily Programme.


Fitness Centre

There is an attractive Fitness Centre which offers a range of exercise machines. Passengers should take great care when utilising the various pieces of equipment, as participation is entirely at your own risk. The Fitness Centre is open from 07.00hrs to 21.00hrs daily, unmanned. Proper sports shoes/trainers and attire must be worn in the Fitness Centre at all times. Please refer to the ship deck plan for the location of the Fitness Centre and opening times will be shown in the Daily Programme.


Foreign Exchange

The reception staff hold a limited amount of local currency on board and operate a small bureau de change facility to enable you to exchange and re-exchange currency for use in some of the ports of call. However it is advisable, if you know you are going to require a large amount of currency for a specific purchase in a port of call, to obtain your requirements in the UK prior to the cruise. We will be not be able to accept or exchange any other foreign currencies.



For your convenience, we operate an automatic tipping system whereby an amount of £5.00 (Astor AU$10.00) per person per night, which will be distributed to hotel and crew personnel, will be debited to your shipboard account daily. For cruises of greater than 16 nights duration, the amount is £4.00 (Astor AU$8.00) per person per night. You will have the opportunity to adjust the gratuity amount to be charged to your account in order to reflect the level of your satisfaction. This can be arranged by contacting the Reception Desk.


Hair and Beauty

Hair styling for ladies and gentlemen, manicures, pedicures and a variety of relaxing massage therapies are available on board. It is recommended to book your appointments early to avoid disappointment. Meet the experienced personnel for a complimentary consultation to select the services most suited to you. A list of services can be found in your cabin, opening hours are noted in the Daily Programme. All services are charged to your onboard account.


Healthy Ship/Hand Sanitisers

On board we pride ourselves on a happy and healthy ship, so in the interest of yourselves and all fellow guests we kindly ask that you adhere to our hand sanitiser policy. When boarding the vessel, after visiting the toilet, before meal times and whenever possible we ask that you use a little of the hand sanitiser liquid, from the dispensers which are located all around the ship.



It is a requirement that you hold full comprehensive travel insurance cover that is valid for the entire duration of your cruise holiday and provides health cover for pre-existing conditions and the costs of medical repatriations. It should also include Personal Luggage insurance as this is an important consideration, since there is a limited liability for loss or damage. Failure to hold an appropriate travel insurance policy may result in you being refused boarding. Please ensure you bring copies of your insurance documents with you in case you require medical assistance.


Internet/Wi-Fi Facilities

Internet connection is available on all our ships; please ask on board for the exact location. Charges vary depending on whether you choose to ‘pay as you go’ or to purchase a package of so many minutes worth of connection time. This service is dependent on the ship’s satellite link and in areas such as the Fjords transmission is very intermittent.


Laundry & Pressing

A laundry and pressing service is available on board. Please complete the form found in your cabin, place the clothing in the laundry bag provided and your cabin steward will do the rest. The charges on the form are debited to your shipboard account accordingly.



There is a selection of fiction, non-fiction, general interest and reference books covering a varied range of subject matter available to read in our library. Some paperback bookcases on board will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also offer a selection of games, playing cards and jigsaw puzzles in the Library. Please ask a member of the cruise staff who will be happy to help you.


Lost and Found

Please ask at Reception if you have mislaid any items on board. Should the items not be found prior to the end of your cruise, the ship can provide you with a form to support your insurance claim. All losses ashore should be reported to the police and a report obtained in order to support insurance claims. If after the cruise you wish to contact us about any missing items please email us on Regrettably, we do not accept any liability for items lost on board. Any property left on our cruises is held at our Head Office for approximately 6 weeks, after this date all items of clothing, books, walking sticks etc are donated to a local charity shop. A nominal postage fee is required to return any items by post or courier.


Lost Baggage

Please check your luggage label carefully before leaving your point of disembarkation to ensure you have all your correct luggage before you leave the terminal. Should you have mistakenly taken another passengers luggage in error, we will assist wherever possible in returning the luggage to its rightful owner. In the event that you have taken incorrect luggage, it is the responsibility of the passengers to cover the cost of any courier expenses. Should you find yourself in this situation, please call +44 (0) 1708 893 103 during normal office hours or CMV/247 Emergency Line +44 (0) 7894 478 969 or email


Luggage/Luggage Allowance

Luggage labels will be sent to you with your final documentation. Whilst there is no restriction on the amount of luggage that you may bring onboard, all of it must be able to be comfortably stored within your cabin. Under bed storage is available in most cabins and must not exceed 23cm in depth. In order to reduce the risk of accidental damage during luggage handling, please do not over pack your suitcases and also ensure that no one item of luggage weights more than 23kgs/50lbs.

All luggage should be clearly labelled, and please do not forget to specify your name, address, mobile telephone number and cabin number on the coloured embarkation luggage labels. Upon arrival at the Cruise Terminal, you will be met by porters who will collect your luggage from you and this will then be passed through the x-ray security procedures and taken directly to the ship where it will be delivered outside your cabin door. Please allow one to two hours for delivery of all items of luggage. If you have not received your luggage within this time period, or if you have not indicated the cabin number on your luggage, please speak with our personnel at Reception. Please do not remove the coloured luggage labels once on board as this will be used to identify disembarkation groups at the end of your cruise. Suit carriers and valuable or personal items should be carried aboard personally.



For those passengers joining one of the sector options then the luggage restriction will be 1 case weighing no more than 20kgs. This may vary depending on where you are flying from/to, please check your tickets when you receive these.


Coach Travel

If you are travelling on a pre/post coach transfer under the health & safety guidelines coach operators limit the weight of each suitcase to 20kg. Please be aware that the Victoria Coach Service is unaccompanied by staff and you will be required to place your suitcases on and off the coach independently.


Luggage Liability

We strongly recommend the use of security locks for all your items of luggage. Jewellery, medication, travel documents and passports should be kept in your hand luggage. Any loss or damage to baggage will be dealt with in Accordance with the Athens Convention. Please refer to the terms and conditions of carriage for full details. It is presumed that the Carrier has delivered luggage undamaged to the Passenger unless written notice is given in the case of apparent damage before or at the time of disembarkation, or in the case of damage which is not apparent or loss of luggage within 15 days of disembarkation.


Medical Facilities

There is a physician available on board 24 hours a day while at sea. Please refer to your daily programme for the medical facilities opening hours. Professional service, care and medication are offered by our ships’ medical staff, based at the medical centre. It should be noted that the NHS does not cover treatment on the ship and there is a scale of charges for medical treatments, consultation and surgery visits. An appropriate fee is charged for the services and medication and this will be charged to your shipboard account. Please note that such charges are usually claimable under your travel insurance policy, less any excess amounts.


Medical - Fitness to Travel by Sea

Any passengers who have been hospitalised within three months prior to travelling, have any psychological disorder, any sensory impairment or contagious medical condition will need to make these details known to us and also have a ‘Fitness to Travel by Sea’ certificate provided by their doctor or psychiatrist. Please note that Cruise & Maritime Voyages must be advised of any pre-existing medical condition or ongoing treatment and of any change to the passengers’ condition, including surgery or hospital visits as an in-patient or an out-patient, which occurs between the date of booking and the sailing date. Failure to advise or update any such changes to a passenger’s state of health could invalidate any subsequent insurance claim and you will be liable for any costs.


Medical – Medication

If you require prescription medication ensure that you bring an ample supply, as some prescription drugs may not be available on board. If your medication requires cold storage, please inform us no later than two weeks prior to departure, as there is limited medication storage space available at reception. Please also advise us should you be bringing on board electrical or other equipment for medical condition reasons, in order that the ship’s Electrical Officer can ensure its safety before operating. If you are taking medication which necessitates the use of syringes and require a sharps bin for disposal please advise us in advance and contact Reception on board. It is a good idea to bring a spare pair of spectacles or contact lenses if you use them.


Medical – Specific Mobility Needs

In the interests of safety, it is now a requirement that the Company is informed at the time of booking whether a passenger has any form of restricted mobility. If this applies to you or any member of your party, and you have not yet done so, please notify Cruise & Maritime Voyages immediately by calling Customer Services on 855 206 4897 or emailing Please also advise if you have any medical conditions that affect you reading or hearing any emergency instructions.

Cruise & Maritime welcome any guests dependent on the use of wheelchairs for mobility; however please ask our booking agent to check on the availability of cabins that have been modified to facilitate more comfortable occupation for such guests, as these are limited.

We request that all passengers who are reliant on wheelchairs for mobility travel with an able bodied person who can assist them with embarking and disembarking. We respectfully require wheelchair users to bring their own wheelchair as the ship’s wheelchairs are for medical emergencies only. Please be aware the maximum weight for wheelchairs is 45kg.

All guests wishing to bring wheelchairs to assist them in covering significant distances on shore are restricted from using their wheelchairs whilst on board. All wheelchairs must be stored in your cabin.

Motorised wheelchairs/scooters will only be accepted when occupying an adapted cabin on health and safety grounds. The number of wheelchairs on board is limited by our Safety Classification Society, as individual crew members are assigned to each cabin occupied by a wheelchair user, who would be called to provide the required assistance in the unlikely event of an emergency at sea. Therefore only passengers occupying an adapted cabin are able to use their wheelchairs or scooters on board.

Regrettably, we cannot guarantee that assistance by qualified personnel will be available at all our ports unless able to board a vehicle unassisted and it may not be possible for wheelchair users to participate in organised shore tours. Owing to the nature of ship to shore tender operations, which are utilised at certain ports when at anchor, we regret that it will not be possible to convey any guests ashore who require more than minimal assistance to board the tender. (It will be the ultimate decision of the ship officials to determine, whether or not a guest using a wheelchair and/ or having mobility issues, may board a tender. Cruise & Maritime Voyages are not responsible for accessibility in its ports of call, which are not under Cruise & Maritime Voyages control). Safety of our Guests is always of paramount importance. Please note the gangway arrangements might vary, depending on tidal levels and port facilities.

Guests arriving with a wheelchair or scooter who have not previously advised Cruise & Maritime Voyages will be denied boarding.


Passport – Visa Formalities

A passport is essential for all cruises, including mini-cruises and sailings around the British Isles and Republic of Ireland and all British Citizens must hold a full ten year passport issued in the UK and ensure that it is valid for at least six months from the date of the end of the cruise. Certain other nationalities may require a Schengen Visa, which covers travel within European and Scandinavian member states, to enable them to visit some of our ports of call. Therefore holders of passports, other than British, should check with the relevant consular authorities of the countries to be visited to ascertain if there are any specifi c restrictions or visa requirements for their planned itinerary. It is your responsibility to obtain all information regarding the various documents you will require before you embark. Should you require visas for any part of your cruise please ensure you obtain them before embarkation. Passengers sailing on cruises calling at Russian Ports, at the time of writing, will not be required to obtain individual Russian Visas if they go ashore as participants in the official Shore Excursion Programme. If however passengers prefer to make independent arrangements for their time in Russia, a chargeable individual Visa, issued in advance by the Consular Authorities in the UK, will be required. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up to date information for all British travellers – visit


Personal Expenses

The currency on board is Pounds Sterling (GBP) and for Astor’s winter season the currency is Australian Dollars (AUD). For your convenience, our ships operate a cashless system. Your personal cruise card, which is issued to you at Embarkation, allows you to charge for goods and services on board, including shore excursions, gift shop purchases, wine and bar bills, spa and beauty salon, photos and cabin service. If not completed at check-in; we recommend all credit and debit card holders register their credit cards within 48 hours of embarkation in order to settle their account and assist them in a smooth checkout before disembarkation, avoiding possible queues. A statement will be sent on the last night of the cruise for passengers to check their account and any queries should be directed to the Reception Desk. On cruises of longer durations, passengers are requested to settle their shipboard accounts approximately every 15 to 18 days and you will receive an interim statement. The credit cards accepted on board are: MasterCard and Visa. Debit cards accepted are: Visa and Mastercard. In order to avoid potential problems, you are strongly recommended to inform your bank and credit card company before you travel that you may be using your debit/credit cards whilst abroad. Also, that you are taking a cruise on board a cruise ship and the shipboard account settlement transaction will be processed overseas. For those passengers not wishing to pay by credit or debit card, payment can be made by cash or Travellers’ Cheques. A 3% transaction fee applies to travellers’ cheque payments. An extra charge may be levied by your issuing bank for using a credit/debit card on board. At the end of the cruise you will receive, in your cabin, an invoice itemising all your expenses. As the shipboards accounts have to be closed at the end of your last evening on board, all expenses incurred in the morning of your disembarkation must be paid in cash. Please note that we cannot accept personal cheques in settlement of your shipboard account.


Photography Services

All your unforgettable experiences on excursions and on board will be photographed by our professional team of photographers, all photos will be displayed in our Photo Galleries. A DVD presentation of your entire cruise will also be available to purchase.



If you wish to send post from a port of call, we kindly ask you to bring it to Reception, at the latest 1 ½ hour before the ship’s departure. The mail given to reception is sent ashore with the local port agent for posting. Please note this special service can be a little more expensive on board than posting mail ashore independently. Postal services, in some countries, are very slow and we cannot guarantee delivery.


Post Cruise Correspondence

If there is an issue during your holiday, you must report it immediately so that prompt efforts can be made to resolve the problem. In the unlikely event that issues cannot be resolved at the time, you must send us full written details within 28 days of your return. Failure to take either or both of these steps will prejudice our ability to resolve your problem and/or investigate it fully. In consequence, any right to compensation you may have will be extinguished or, at the very least substantially reduced.



Our personnel at the Reception Desk will be pleased to assist you and answer any questions in respect of the services and amenities available on board.


Religious Services

On Sundays at sea, we offer an interdenominational church service.


Restaurant Seating Reservations:

If you have notified this office of your Restaurant seating preferences, the details will have been forwarded in advance to the Maître d’hôtel. We will try to accommodate your request but these cannot be guaranteed. You will therefore find your Restaurant Seating Card with the table assignment for dinner in your cabin upon Embarkation. The Maître d’hôtel will also be available on sailing day to complete seating reservations and table assignments for those passengers who have not made any advance requests. The time and location will be shown in the Daily Programme. Breakfast and lunch services operate on an open sitting basis. Please notify us prior to sailing if you are travelling with other passengers and wish to be seated together. If you wish on occasions to take your meals in a more informal atmosphere, then our buffet restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The usual meal times are shown below but timings can vary depending on the arrival and departure schedules at theports of call and they are always detailed in the Daily Programme.

  • Breakfast: 07.30hrs to 09.30hrs
  • Lunch: 12.00hrs to 13.30hrs
  • Dinner: First 18.00hrs
  • Dinner: Second 20.15hrs

We do respectfully request that swimwear, shorts/vest tops are not worn when you are in the restaurants or, indeed in the public areas inside the ship. If however, when the weather permits, you wish to have lunch in your swimwear/shorts you can always enjoy a buffet meal around the pool areas.


Room Service

You will find a room service menu in your cabin, offering a small range of drinks and snacks, both hot and cold. Room service costs will be charged to your onboard account.


Safety Deposit Boxes

Safety boxes for your valuable items, jewellery, money and documents are available in each cabin. The company will not accept liability for any theft or loss of such items which are deposited at your own risk. The company does not accept liability for loss or theft of cameras, video cameras, chargers and other valuable electrical items which are your responsibility at all times. We strongly advise that you do not take large sums of money or expensive jewellery ashore.


Safety on Board

Shortly before the ship sails, a safety drill will be held. This compulsory exercise will give you precise information of what to do and where to muster in the event of an emergency on board, as well as important instructions about life jackets and the emergency procedures in place. In the event of adverse weather or sea conditions it is important to take extra care moving around the ship, making use of the handrails and heeding any special instructions given over the P.A. system. In certain sea conditions, use of the passenger lifts may be suspended and outside cabins on the lower decks may have protective covers, known as deadlights, placed over their portholes. These covers will therefore exclude nature light from the cabins affected.


Sea Pollution

It is strictly forbidden to throw anything into the sea, harbour waters, or docks. We thank for your co-operation in safe guarding the environment.


Shore Excursion Programme

We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our Shore Excursion Programme. A variety of comprehensive shore excursions have been arranged in the various ports of call. In order to ensure a place on the tours of your choice, it is recommended that you pre-register your excursions either online via ‘Manage my Booking’ or by using the reservations form that accompanies the shore excursion booklet. Please do not send pre-payment for your excursions in advance, these will be added to your shipboard account. Your pre-registered tour tickets will be delivered to your cabin approximately a day after your embarkation. Availability permitting, shore excursions can also be purchased from the Shore Excursion desk on board. All shore excursions are subject to change – please refer to your daily programme for final departure timings once onboard.


Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all public areas and cabins on board except in designated external smoking areas. We reserve the right to alter our smoking policy during the cruising season and should new national or international maritime legislation be introduced at any time which subsequently affects this policy, you will be informed on board accordingly. E-cigarettes or similar can only be used in the designated smoking areas.



Our Spa Centre offers hairdressing and beauty treatments and sauna and massage facilities to all passengers. We recommend that passengers book their appointments as soon as possible after embarkation to avoid possible disappointment. Opening hours can be found in the Daily Programme. Services are charged to your onboard account


Speciality Dining

We now offer a wonderful choice of speciality dining that can be reserved on board at a supplement. Why not treat yourself to Surf & Turf, Lobster “Thermidor” or sit on the Chefs Table (Subject to minimum numbers), where a meal will be specially prepared for you by our Executive Chef.



Our pools are filled with sea water which is chlorinated and treated. We kindly ask you to take a shower before entering the pools. Please note that due to local customs regulations, the pools cannot be filled during port days and for health and safety reasons are emptied each evening. It is advised not to spend longer than 15 minutes in the whirlpools per day. Please be aware that excessive exposure to the chlorinated waters of the swimming pool and whirlpools can discolour or damage swimwear made of certain fabrics. Out of courtesy to fellow passengers we kindly ask that you do not reserve sun loungers which are not being used. Pool towels will be provided in your cabin which will be replaced when needed. You are kindly requested to return the used towels back to your cabin. Barefoot walking on board especially on open decks is prohibited.


Tea and Coffee Station

Complimentary tea and coffee is available every day from the refreshment stations. Outside of these areas, you may purchase hot drinks and a range of speciality coffees from any of the ship’s bars. Please refer to your daily programme for exact times.


Tendering Ashore

At some ports it is not possible for the vessel to berth at the pier alongside. In such cases the vessel will be at anchor and passengers wishing to go ashore independently or on an excursion will be taken and brought back by our own or local tender boats. In order to avoid any accidents, we kindly ask you to listen to the announcements made on board and ask you not to hurry when disembarking. Please pay close attention to instructions given to you aboard the tender. At anchorage ports, access to and from the tenders or launches requires a certain level of mobility which is necessary to manage the steps of the tender platform and to physically board and disembark from the vessel. It should therefore be noted that, on safety grounds, those with restricted mobility may be unable to go ashore at such ports.


Time Changes

All times changes, which involve the ships clocks moving forward or back, will be advised in the daily programme or with a reminder card placed in your cabin on the evening of the change.


Telephones/Communication Contact Numbers

You may wish to inform your family, friends or business associates that, whilst on board you can be contacted via the ship’s satellite telephone system. Calls will be picked up in Reception and can then be transferred to the cabin. Call charges are approximately £6.00 per minute. Your specific ships telephone number is available on your cruise ticket. Telephone numbers for specific ships are detailed on your cruise ticket.


Telephones - Direct Dialling from the Cabin

You may make international telephone calls directly from your cabin and dialling information is provided in your Cabin Information Pack. Call charges are approximately £6.00 per minute.


Telephones – Cabin to Cabin

All cabins are fitted with a telephone that will enable to you call another cabin, please look for instructions on the telephone handset.


Telephones - Mobile

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) is available on board our ships so that you can use mobile phones. However you should be aware that the signal is transmitted via the ship’s satellite link, which increases the cost to the subscriber. Please check foreign roaming charges with your own provider before departure.



Passengers travelling to the Amazon and on the World Cruise are recommended to have a valid vaccination certificate against Yellow Fever. This recommendation is applicable for travellers and visitors to the states of Amazonas, Amapá and Pará, the regions of our Amazon River ports of call. Please be aware that Yellow Fever vaccinations take approximately ten days to become effective. At the time of printing, there are no mandatory vaccinations required for visiting any of the other ports of call of the cruises shown in the programme. However, as circumstances are very prone to change, please check with your Travel Agent, Tour Operator or your own doctor regarding the health requirements of the countries to be visited on this cruise.



Due to security reasons and the comfort of other passengers, it is regretted that visitors are not allowed on board.


What to Wear – Day Wear

During the day, attitudes are very relaxed and informality is the key. Casual clothing is quite sufficient during the days at sea and for time spent ashore. On certain shore excursions and, particularly, at some religious sites, discretion should be used so as not to cause inadvertent offence with inappropriate clothing. Advice will be given on board in such cases. Comfortable low heeled walking shoes are best for exploring the ports of call. A light jacket or sweater is useful in northern climes and a waterproof coat or jacket is valuable in case of that unexpected rain shower. A hat and sunglasses are always recommended and binoculars will be a great asset to your enjoyment whilst at sea and during the excursions.


What to Wear – Evening Wear

Every day the Daily Programme suggests, as a guide, a mode of dress for that particular evening’s events on ‘formal’ or gala nights many gentlemen wear dinner jackets, although a lounge suite is quite acceptable. The ladies on these occasions have a chance to dress up and often opt for evening or cocktail dresses. On evenings proposed as ‘informal’, a suit or smart jacket and trousers, with or without a tie, for the men is suggested and the ladies have further opportunities to look elegant in cocktail dresses or trouser suits. A ‘casual’ recommendation often covers evenings spent in port or when a special event such as a deck party is scheduled. In these cases, the choice of dress is left entirely to you.

PLEASE NOTE: Jeans, T-Shirts and open neck shirts are not permitted in the main restaurants on Formal evening or in the Captain’s cocktail party. Gentlemen are respectfully requested to wear a jacket and tie/bow-tie on formal evening.


Duration of cruiseFormal nights
2 - 5 nights 1
6 - 20 nights 2
21 - 41 nights 3
over 42 nights 5