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Hong Kong to London Tilbury

Ship: Columbus • Departs: Hong Kong • Sail Date: Monday 23rd Mar 2020 • Duration: 43 nights
Cruise Code: C06HK2

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Twin Inner from: $18039pp $5089pp

Twin Ocean View from: $22919pp $6459pp

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Start your voyage in the heart of Hong Kong enjoying the bustling streets and the lush mountain tops which overlook the city and port. Vietnam will awake your senses as you explore Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City still referred to as Saigon. The Gulf of Thailand welcomes you with stops in Cambodia and Bangkok, preparing you for the cultural melting pots of Singapore and Malaysia. Sri Lanka and India will assault your senses with bright colours, beguiling histories and spice filled lands.

After leaving the vibrant and chaotic cities of Cochin and Mumbai you’ll arrive in the historically magnificent Luxor before discovering the ‘lost city’ of Petra in Jordan and transiting the Suez Canal to Haifa for the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Piraeus for Athens and Gibraltar are your final stepping stones back to London Tilbury where your adventures end in beautiful British springtime.

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