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North Cape

Journey to far northern regions of the Arctic as you cruise to the North Cape and the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Experience long days when the sun never sets allowing breath taking views across mountain-scapes, glaciers and fjords. Your cruise will take you to the most northern point in Europe, the North Cape which lies approximately 1,306.3 miles south of the North Pole. Gaze below at wild surf, 307 meters below the North Cape and watch the mist rolling in from the Barents Sea. During the summer, the North Cape witnesses the natural phenomenon that is the Midnight Sun. The sun doesn’t set on the North Cape for almost two whole months, this occurrence can only be seen north of the Arctic Circle and the best way to view it is when your cruising.

Spitzbergen is a land of dramatic snow drowned peaks and glaciers. Europe’s last great wilderness which is also the domain of more polar bears than people. Our smaller ships are perfect for getting into the remote ports of Spitzbergen allowing passengers to explore the remote frontier.